JCI National Convention

Written by 70th HCJ President Scott Kaneshiro

Did you know that as a member of the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees, you are also a part of something larger? Our chapter is one of 6 local chapters of JCI Hawaii, and JCI Hawaii is one of the state organizations of JCI USA. Aside from making a direct impact in our community, you have access to a vast network of Jaycees across the nation. One of the best ways to leverage your experience as a Jaycee is to attend a National Convention. While national conventions can be financially difficult to attend, the shared experiences and network of Jaycees are worth every penny!

(with the jello syringes) Welcome Party at Crocodile Rocks Dueling Piano Bar
Myself, JCI Florida President Stacy Mahar, Sean Brady (VA Jaycees), Washington State Jaycees IPP Chanel Johnson, JCI USA Chaplain Warren Reid

Personally, I’ve been to two different national conventions. Last year I had the opportunity to represent Hawaii in the national Write Up competition in St. Louis, and last month I was able to attend our Spring Celebration in Myrtle Beach. Both conventions have similarities, but also can be very different affairs. Generally, both conventions will offer trainings in areas of membership, recruitment, personal growth, and diversity.

At the Spring Convention, Jaycees from across the nation come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year, and the new board of directors are installed.

Welcome Party at Crocodile Rocks Dueling Piano Bar
JCI Hawaii delegation and members from JCI Ludington (Michigan)

The Fall convention offers a different experience, where competitors from various states compete in the Write Up, Speak Up, and You’re Hired competitions, as well as where we elect our new JCI USA leadership. Regardless of which convention you choose to attend, I highly encourage all of you to attend a national convention in your Jaycee career!

At the most recent convention, host state JCI South Carolina organized a convention filled with wine, seafood, and mini golf! Jaycees were able to have a wine tasting tour at the Duplin Winery, gorged on a scrumptious seafood buffet at Captain Georges, and a mini golf tournament at Island Shipwreck!

(Pre-Welcome Party) Landmark Resort
Myself, HIJ IPP Nicole Jones, JCI Texas President (and past HIJ President) Heather Cheung, and JCI Florida President Stacy Mahar

In between all those activities, attendees were able to socialize with other members, learn about projects in other communities, and engage in fellowship with other state organizations. I had the pleasure to meet with members from states like Washington, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, and of course, Texas (home to our sister chapter Houston International Jaycees). It was nice to finally meet 2021 President Nicole Jones in person after this COVID year!

HCJ was honored by receiving on award for our #STOPASIANHATE panel, cohosted with our sister chapter, HIJ. This was an excellent project spearheaded by 2022 EVP Alena Auyoung! Great work Alena! HIJ, was honored with a total of 10 awards, including best chapter in the nation for the second straight year!

Awards Ceremony
JCI USA IPP Heather Danley, myself, JCI HI IPP Natalie Million 

I highly encourage all of to attend a national convention in the near future. In fact, at the upcoming fall convention (September 14th through 18th in Virginia Beach, VA), we may have an opportunity to witness the election of a local boy to the highest office in the land! DNP Nate Martin (from the Rising Phoenix Jaycees) could be elected National President, should he choose to run and have the support of the state organizations.

Regardless of your reason to attend a convention, whether it be for the socializing, training or awards, it should be one checkmark on your Jaycee journey!

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