Awards and Recognition

Recognition programs are a fundamental part of the Jaycee movement. Individuals and chapters are recognized for their activities and accomplishments in their communities as well as personal and professional development.

Recognizing the work of the members of your chapter is important and can be as simple as a thank you note or writing a letter to their employer after a job well done as a project chair. Recognizing the work of your members can also take a more public form- submitting them for awards at the state and national level.

Honolulu Chinese Jaycees has a robust member recognition program that includes both individual member achievements AND chapter-wide achievements. Awards and other special recognition are given at each of our major conventions each year. Honolulu Chinese Jaycees also uses incentives to motivate chapters and individuals to accomplish great things in their community.

2022 President Danicia Honda with Director Tu Chanh Hua. Director Tu Chanh presented with Outstanding Member of the Year at the annual Honolulu Chinese Jaycees Awards and Installation Banquet.

Project Management Guide (PMG)

The Project Management Guide (PMG) is one of the best tools for success that Honolulu Chinese Jaycees has. It is a ten-step project business guide used to plan and evaluate a project and has been effectively used by Jaycees in launching many successful projects, businesses (Dominos Pizza, for example) and even political campaigns. The PMG is a series of questions designed to guide the project chairperson and the members of the committee through the process of running and evaluating the project.

There are nine (9) categories recognized by Honolulu Chinese Jaycees and JCI USA for award. See the Project Categories below and a brief description. The first seven questions of a PMG should be completed prior to the event’s execution. The remaining three questions are completed after the event/project has been completed.

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Year-End Awards (Best of the Best)

Annual Key Awards – Nominations are due to State President at the end of the year by deadline established by State President. Key awards are a recognition tool for Chapter Presidents, State Delegates and members of the State Staff for their commitment to the organization, programming, membership growth, and extensions to name a few.

Outstanding Year-End Awards – The “Outstanding of the Year” memorial awards are decided upon by the State President at the end of the year based on an individual’s commitment, service, and impact throughout the year.

  • Outstanding Community Project of the Year
  • Outstanding Chapter President of the Year
  • Outstanding Vice President of the Year
  • Outstanding Member of the Year
Various trophies curated by Honolulu Chinese Jaycees and awarded to various outstanding title of the year.

Annual Report – The annual report is a recap of everything your chapter, district, region, or state accomplished in the year. It is recommended you complete your Civic Leadership Certification Submission and use that data to complete your Annual Report.

National Awards

The State President works with local individuals across the state and selects those that will be submitted on for national consideration. Contact the state Management Development Vice President at if you are interested in submission for national awards.