Current Board of Directors

A Board of Directors consists of officers elected by the members and given the authority to make decisions on their behalf. They lead and provide day-to-day oversight of the organization.

However, the Board of Directors does not rule the organization. Ultimate authority remains in the hands of the membership in the form of a Local Board of Directors, who vote on the plan of action, the budget, projects and activities. The Board bases their decisions on documents that have been approved by the membership, as well as the JCI Mission and general capacity of the organization. The Board ensures all activities are aligned with the JCI Mission and are in the best interests of the organization.

Being elected to the Local Board of Directors is both an honor and a responsibility. You represent your fellow members and the interests of the organization in every decision. You must understand your fellow members’ motivations and needs and earn their respect.

Look to these individuals as the role models of their members so thus embodying the JCI Mission!

President: Alena Auyoung

Immediate Past President/Chairwoman: Danicia Honda

Executive Vice President: Colby Pacupac

Vice President – Individual Development: Agnes Santiano

Vice President – Business and Management and Treasurer: Tu Chanh Hua

Vice President – International: Kenneth Huang

Vice President – Community and Communications Liaison: Jade Lun

Secretary: Stacy Lee


  • Anna Davide
  • Greg Loui
  • Jessica Jones
  • Kate Ozawa
  • Kent Yang
  • Logan Chun
  • Patrick Comiso
  • Representative Jackson Sayama
  • Sarah Liu
  • Terence Tolentino