JCI Structure

Today, the JCI Structure is standardized, yet varies from country to country. This is because each JCI National Organization has different ties to their local government and/or their Chambers of Commerce, giving them different benefits and requirements to which they must adhere.

The following is the general structure of the organization overall and within each nation in which it operates.

JCI World Headquarters

Located at 15645 Olive Blvd, Chesterfield, Missouri, USA, the World Headquarters employs approximately 20 individuals who coordinate the activities of JCI in each member nation, manage the overall organizational finances and provide resources and tools to members to help improve projects on a local and national level.


To better organize the activities of members and provide greater opportunities for regional collaboration, JCI recognizes four major areas: Africa and the Middle East, the America, Asia and the Pacific and Europe. Each Area conducts its own Conference each year, uniting members to network and discuss important regional issues. Honolulu Chinese Jaycees (HCJ) is encompassed in Area C – the Americas.

2017 JCI World Congress held in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Conference was held during one of the three days while representatives from all over the world came to vote on important issues.

JCI National Organization

Every country affiliated with the international JCI organization operates a JCI National Organization to coordinate the activities of the regional, state and/or JCI Local Organizations. The National Organization manages international relationships, national conventions, national finances and programs across Local Organizations.

In the Hawaii, there are several JCI Local Organizations – Honolulu Chinese Jaycees, Rising Phoenix Jaycees, Filipino Junior Chamber of Honolulu, Hawaii Kai Jaycees, Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce, and JCI Honolulu (formerly known as Asian-American Junior Chamber).

JCI Local Organizations

Every JCI member belongs to a Local Organization that is charged with conducting activities and projects in the local community. JCI has more than 5,000 JCI Local Organizations in more than 100 JCI National Organizations and works to find creative solutions to problems at the local, national and international levels through the combined efforts of its members.

JCI Structure
JCI Structure