2022 President Danicia Honda

President’s Message: 5% from the 95%

Aloha HCJ Ohana,

Happy Halloween! There aren’t many things spookier than the unknown–the uncertainty of major life decisions, the unknown factors in deciding on the next steps to take in your professional career… while life seems to be this giant glob of uncertainty that –let’s be real–doesn’t necessarily only appear during Halloween, it certainly does help when folks from our own membership have some guiding experiences that you may find useful.

This month’s homebuying workshop, featuring our very own HCJ Director Tu Chanh Hua from Territorial Savings Bank, and Danson Honda from Coldwell Bankers, will lead the way in demystifying the homebuying process and will provide you with a fool-proof approach to searching and preparing for purchasing a home for the first time.

I’ve contemplated on numerous occasions what the purpose of being in an organization such as HCJ is. Many argue that we largely exist to serve the community; others maintain that we are simply a society that hosts and plans events for each other and the community. It wasn’t until this year as presiding President of the chapter that I’ve learned more about the organization and what it does for folks like myself and for the community. Much like my predecessors may have discovered, the greatest takeaway from serving on a non-profit board puts my priorities into perspective and continues to define my personal leadership principals. Our upcoming leadership summit dives deeper into the truth behind The Attitude of Success: what separates the 5% from the 95%, and how does that affect you and your journey in school, non-profit organizations, your career, and beyond?

As always, mahalo nui for taking the time to peruse through the various Newsdragon editions–you’ll find many announcements and exciting upcoming events before our other channels (yes, even social media!) Please join me in thanking the hard working NewDragon editorial staff Izzy, Scott, Alena, and our various guest writers for delivering top-notch newsletters month after month. We can’t do it without you folks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Mahalo, and stay spooky.


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