President’s Message: 無心工作 (wú xīn gōng zuò)

March 2022 NewsDragon Edition

Aloha HCJ Ohana!

One of our HCJ members recently shared a Facebook post that caught my eye about the unfortunate events unfolding in Ukraine:

“Chinese netizens are using the phrase 烏心工作 (wú xīn gōng zuò), or ‘too focused on Ukraine to work,’ to describe their distracted mindsets as they watch news filter in from the front.” The saying is a play on the traditional idiom 無心工作 (wú xīn gōng zuò), which means “not in the mood to work.” As someone with a background in Chinese Language and Literature, I appreciated, as always, the wit and humor that our Chinese speaking counterparts love to engage in. As a Jaycee, I reflect on the good work our organization has accomplished in providing to those in need, and resolve to continue seeking innovative methods to equip the chapter with resources to continue and expand our operations. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, and I condemn the violent actions inflicted upon them.

Resolve to continue seeking innovative methods

This month, we are proud to celebrate Women’s History Month, and recognize the significant achievements that women have made throughout Jaycees history. From the first female National President, Sydney Ward, who served in 2001, female presence in Jaycee leadership has taken a stronghold, including numerous past National Presidents who served the organization tirelessly. This year, we are again honored to have another female National President, Heather Danley. On a local level, the involvement and representation of women leaders has been just as significant with our very own Board of Directors being majority female with diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

We’d love to hear from some of our chapter female voices. Why did you join the Honolulu Chinese Jaycees? How have the project management training, leadership development, networking, and socials help you grow as an individual? This month, take time to share your thoughts with us – you may be featured in our upcoming social media posts! As the premier leadership organization empowering young adults to be active citizens, the efforts of women leaders in our organization have provided Jaycees – regardless of gender – with the resources and expertise needed to make a difference within themselves and their communities.

Danicia Honda, HCJ President