2022 President Danicia Honda

President’s Message: túan yúan

Aloha HCJ Ohana,

“May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart.”

Su Shi

One of the most significant Chinese cultural celebrations, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, stems from years of traditional celebrations surrounding family, friends, and shared experiences. Through thick and thin, family is akin to the viscous paste in decadent mooncakes–it is the glue that holds us together.

One of the many challenges that HCJ encounters is the “one year to lead” foundation of leadership. While the new energy is integral in perpetuating the “young” in “young professionals,” what is lost over time are years and years of experience and lessons learned over the years. Thankfully, HCJ boasts an incredibly strong group of alumni leaders, past members, pass board members, and willing mentors to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of leaders in the chapter. You will not likely see a former HCJ member refuse professional advice from a younger member. The resources accumulated over the years ebb and flow, but one of the unexpected gifts from the pandemic has been the increased use of social media and the internet to reconnect past and current members with each other.

團圓 túan yúan: just like how the Moon is round and full, 團圓 separately means “together” and “round,” or “full.” The phrase draws on the idea that a group is full when everyone is together. The roundness was historically best depicted by the full moon and celebrated culturally through partaking in meals surrounding a round table and eating “round” things. Mochi balls and mooncakes may come to mind.

While family may go through challenges and hardships, it is the togetherness that keeps us going and reassures us that we are not alone. Although we will be celebrating a night after the holiday date, on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival (the actual holiday date being on Sept 10), do not forget to look into the deep night sky and admire the beautiful full moon.

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