2022 President Danicia Honda

President’s Message: Halfway Point

Happy Summer HCJ!

There are few pivotal moments in the year that a chapter relies on to maintain its course for the rest of the year–and July is one of them. While the urge to take a summer vacation personally overwhelms me at times, trainings, activities, and other developmental opportunities go on. I
want to thank you all for continuing to support our chapter throughout the year and I hope we can continue to serve you to the best of our ability this month.

July is the halfway point for many chapters; HCJ included. As I write this month’s president’s message, I reflect upon the various issues that have inundated our current news headlines. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge today’s uncertain economic and social climate. We are seeing inflation like we have not experienced since the 1980s, supply chain disruptions for all types of products from baby formula to food ingredients, and mass shootings that happen frighteningly regularly. Finding qualified workers has also affected everything from the business hours at local fast-food restaurants to the ability for Hawaii to fully reopen its doors to the world. These economic struggles are real, and they challenge us to remain resilient and draw upon our strengths.

It is during these trying times that we reflect inward to see what us as chapter members can do to enact positive change despite these challenges. How can we tie in our signature projects to address climate change, material shortages, and advocate for those who do not have a voice? How can we provide training or new activities to offer new perspectives and skills for our younger members to equip themselves with the skills and confidence needed to
face the everyday battles of this world?

It brings me hope that our membership remains positive during these trying times. With the efforts of VP of Membership and Healthy Baby Contest Chair Madisyn Sim and the HBC Committee, we are once again able to provide enfamil formula and coupons for families that participate in the event. This year, we are happy to announce that our scholarship amounts have also increased from last year, with the first place winner receiving $800, second place
$500, and third place receiving $300. All contestant scholarships and prize packages contribute to supporting early childhood education and development. During a time where the pandemic and formula shortage has rocked many areas of the world, I am deeply moved by the HBC’s efforts to support the health and wellbeing of our keiki.

As we reflect in July and the resurgence of Independence Day festivities, I am reminded that independence largely relies on one’s resourcefulness and ability to adapt to any situation and meet the needs of the organization with what you have. It is also to take responsibility for your actions and to be aware of the consequences; to be brave enough to take the risk of trusting your capabilities and to inspire and support those around you to do the same. On
the days that I struggle to find inspiration, I look to the HCJ Board and it’s outstanding members, and our excellent members who have taken their HCJ experience and applied it to their lives in their own unique ways.